If you do what is Easy, your life will be Difficult.

If you do what is Difficult, your life will be Easy.

Learning Ahead

Learning ahead can provide an earlier exposure to higher levels of knowledge which allows them to build confidence in life.


Learning again in school allows the students to have a higher knowledge retention rate.  

Offered Courses

Junior(Grade 6-8):

Math: English Science

Secondary( Grade 9 -12):

OSSD Level:


Data management, Calculus and Vectors, Functions, Advanced Functions


Reading, Shakespear, Writing.


Chemistry, Biology, Physics), Data management, Calculus and Vectors, Functions, Advanced Functions 

Our Standard

All of our course classes are provided by teachers with extensive experience in subjects taught.

We apply a higher standard of knowledge such as IB, AP and Contest Materials to Challenge and Inspire students to seek high education. 

Course breakdown

Course Duration: 36 Weeks

Class Duration: 2 hours Weekly

Weekly Homeworks

Chapter + unit Test.

Final Exam 

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